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Providing you with Insurance for your Cleaner
No liability for loss or damage to property or injury to the cleaner can be accepted by SelClene unless the quarterly or monthly Agency Fee is paid in advance.
  1. Each cleaner employed by you and supplied through the Agency will be covered by an insurance policy which includes public liability cover providing for a maximum payment of £1,000,000 in the event of damage to or loss of your property. Accidents do happen from time to time, and the purpose of the insurance is not to cover everyday minor accidents such as breakages to low value items, but to provide cover for major accidents and damage. Claims under £100 are excluded and the client shall be liable to pay the first £100 of any claim.
  2. Cover applies subject to the damage being ‘sudden and immediate’ (rather than over a long period of time) provided that this damage or loss is caused by the negligence or omission of the cleaner. In addition to damage to property, the policy also covers injury to the householder or member of the public caused by the cleaner.
  3. As the employer of the cleaner you must ensure that your household insurance policy provides cover in respect of liability to domestic servants (usually called third party liability or employer’s liability cover). Most household policies have this cover but we suggest you check with your household insurer if you are not sure.
  4. Your household insurance policy should cover injury to cleaners while working inside your premises. You may find it does not cover work outsidesuch as gardening or cleaning the exterior of buildings. Please do not to ask your cleaner to do cleaning work on the outside of your building.
  5. Some SelClene franchises may also supply gardeners. Where a person we supply is contracted to do any outside work such as gardening, please check that the appropriate extension has been added to your household cover.
  6. Damage to property will not be covered if it is considered the client has contributed to the damage – for example, by supplying the cleaner withinappropriate cleaning materials.
  7. As your cleaner is employed by you and not by the agency, we are not liable for any act, default or omission of the cleaner other than for damage to goods or property caused by the negligence of your cleaner. An example of an exclusion would be failure of a cleaner to return keys and any consequential loss that may arise as a result
  8. The Agency shall be liable for any negligent act, default or omission of the Agency which directly causes loss to the client.
  9. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Agency does not have access to police or criminal records when vetting cleaners and cannot be liable for false or misleading information provided by cleaners in relation to such matters.
  10. The insurance policy will only cover loss or damage to property if and to the extent that the loss or damage is of a value in excess of £100.
  11. Neither the Agency nor its insurers will accept liability for any claims under £100 which are hereby excluded. 
  12. Where any claim is of a value in excess of £100 the client shall be liable to pay the first £100 of any such claim.
  13. Theft of belongings is not covered under the insurance, which is why we vigorously vet all cleaner applicants that come onto our books and give you the final choice. Prevention is better than cure. Fidelity guarantee insurance to cover dishonesty would significantly increase the cost of the service to you, and would have strictly limited cover. In practice, we find taking a full set of credentials and references when we allow a cleaner onto our database discourages those with dishonest intentions from applying.
  14. Bleach damage and damage caused by spills of cleaning fluids containing bleach is not covered under the insurance, and COSSH advises against the use of concentrated or neat bleach or products containing bleach. Of course, you can keep bleach for your own use, but we would strongly advise you not to ask your cleaner to use it. Safer eco-friendly products are available.
  15. The insurance cover is subject to the terms and conditions and any exclusions set out in the policy. A copy is available from the Agency onrequest. The client shall be bound by such terms and conditions, and exclusions. The Agency does not accept liability for any business loss (including, without limitation, any loss of contracts or business opportunity, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of anticipated savings in expenditure).
  16. The Agency is not responsible for the failure of any cleaner to return keysor for any loss whatsoever that may arise as a result. In such circumstances, the cleaner shall be liable. Please use theKey Security Deposit Form we supply when handing over keys.