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Triple A Cleaner

The ‘Triple-A’ cleaner
Rarer than you might think…
You are about to take on a cleaner. We want it to be an enjoyable experience and with the help of SelClene there is every chance that it will be! If you’ve employed a cleaner, gardener or nanny before, you will know that it is not like buying a fridge, plugging it in and forgetting about it. Clients, cleaners and SelClene are three equal parties, each playing their part in our proven system, to make sure your home is cleaned thoroughly and effectively, your cleaner enjoys working for you, and the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.
‘Triple-A’ means Attitude, Attitude and Attitude and whilst most things can be taught we always look for cleaners who have a professional, caring attitude towards their clients and obligations to the Agency.
We follow the same procedure for all cleaners. We review work histories, take up two written references, proof of identity, proof of address – and next of kin address as an alternative point of contact. We put them through an intensive induction on what clients want. We show them a special training video on professional cleaning. The video explains our customers’ expectations regarding honesty and reliability, including not short-changing you on the hours worked, and letting you know if they can’t come for any reason.
After training and interview, we allocate cleaners to clients, selecting the best available candidate for you to interview. We achieve a high success rate in matching clients with their cleaner first time.
We are an agency supplying access to a database of cleaners.
That is our primary service.
Your chosen cleaner will have a proven work history with their previous employers and often with clients of SelClene. We look at their work history, and interview them in person to establish their attitude and commitment to working as a cleaner for SelClene clients. So whilst the ‘Triple-A’ cleaner may seem like gold dust you are more likely to find excellent cleaners at SelClene than anywhere else.
We are, however, in a demand economy and we are always striving to maintain and increase our supply of quality cleaners to meet that demand. Also, many cleaners don’t see cleaning as a lifetime career and move on to other vocations. So whilst all new cleaners allocated to clients undergo all the checks above please use your own judgement as to their suitability for you personally.
Things may not work out and some cleaners can let you down. For instance, they may agree to an interview and change their mind – and not tell you. They may attend, then turn the job down (and you might not be told either). They may start but give up after a few weeks. It can be very frustrating – for you and for us. As an Agency, we can fix any of these problems should they arise so if you no longer wish to employ your cleaner, simply call the Agency and request a replacement.
Our role is to maintain a sufficiently large database of cleaners so we can offer you a referenced and vetted cleaner within five working days, upon request. As cleaners can come and go, a quick replacement is an essential part of our service. You want the flexibility to ask for a replacement if you wish and to be absolutely sure the Agency can supply a replacement in a reasonable time when one is needed. We will also liaise with the cleaner for you if you have a complaint about their work but wish to have assistance in improving their performance. We want you to employ a cleaner that you are 100% happy with.
If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaner please contact us asking for a replacement.
Once you have a good ‘Triple-A’ cleaner you will want to keep her so please follow these simple guidelines:
  1. Pay your cleaner promptly – usually weekly or by whatever arrangement you have agreed.
  2. Instruct them in use of your equipment, e.g. vacuum cleaner (including changing bags and filters where fitted), steam iron, washing machine etc.
  3. Be specific where you have particular needs – do not assume your cleaner will do either the same things you would normally do or in the same way.
  4. Provide materials fit for the job – if in doubt your Agency can advise you as well as supplying low cost gloves, cloths and other products. This will help ensure that you get the best from your cleaner.