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Task Sheet and Cleaning Routine

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Cleaning Work Routine

Task Sheet and Cleaning routine
Use the Task Sheet  to write a list of the work that you want your cleaner to do. We suggest that you make it quite clear not only what you want done, but also how you want it done.
When filling in the Task Sheet, the following procedure might help: look around each room and divide it into three levels:
  1. Eye level pictures, window ledges, switches, surfaces, lamps etc.
  2. Ceiling level corners where cobwebs might form, curtain rails in older homes, tops of doors, ceiling lights.
  3. Floor level skirting boards, carpets, under beds etc. 
It is recommended that you check the work done against the Task Sheet, either regularly or from time to time.
If it is not as you specified, please point out any deficiencies to your cleaner before the next visit.
If you find that tasks are not being completed to your satisfaction, discuss the problem with your cleaner first and if you require assistance, give us a call.