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In June 1998 we introduced a special training programme for all our cleaners which taught them to use our unique colour coded system to reduce cross-contamination from one room to another.

RED – Bathroom/Toilet
YELLOW – Kitchen
BLUE – General areas

We supply a complete product kit that will replace many, and in some cases all, of your existing cleaning products and materials. It is designed to last up to 3 months and we have had an overwhelming response from our clients for this special product kit. Many of them have informed us that it has saved them an average of £20.00 per quarter on the amount they would have normally spent on cleaning products and materials. e.g. – Microtex cloths. These cloths contain over 1 million micro fibres, which enable them to absorb and accumulate more dust and dirt particles than any normal cloth. They can be used dry, damp or wet without the use of chemicals for a shiny smear-free result on any surface. They can cost up to £5.99 each,  but as SelClene is a large user and has been established for over 18 years we are able to sell 3 microtex cloths for ONLY £4.50.

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Bathroom – RED
Pair of RED/PINK rubber gloves
A RED/PINK Jay cloth
Bathroom cleaner, (without bleach)
Toilet cleaner, (without bleach)
Toilet brush
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Kitchen – YELLOW
Pair of YELLOW rubber gloves
A YELLOW jay cloth
Kitchen cleaner, (without bleach)
Floor cleaner, (without bleach)
Oven cleaner, (without bleach)
Mop & bucket
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General – BLUE
A BLUE Jay cloth
A duster & polish
Fully operational Vacuum cleaner
Fully operational steam iron & ironing board
Glass/Mirror cleaner – (sponge/ shammy)
Bin liners
Dust pan & brush