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SELCLENE providing Honest, Reliable, Regular Local Domestic Cleaners to clean and care for your Home


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We are able to supply a Local Cleaner from one of our many Agencies around the country. All we aim to do is provide you with an Honest, Reliable and Competent Cleaner in your local area- irrespective of whether you live in Southampton in the south or Inverness in the North.

We simply provide local, honest, regular, weekly domestic cleaners.

Providing, honest, reliable and competent cleaners

All our domestic cleaners are interviewed in their own homes. We check for Honest cleaners, we only take on reliable cleaners, all our cleaners are trustworthy. Our Cleaners work on a weekly basis, cleaning in your own home.

We offer Regular Cleaners,
All our cleaners are honest
Reliable Cleaners on a weekly basis,
Compentent Cleaners
Domestic Cleaners to clean your own home

"If you're looking for a commercial cleaning company, contact Fluid Options"

Affordable Cleaners
Local Cleaners in your own home,
Trustworthy Domestic Cleaners,
Professional Cleaners to care for your home
Weekly Cleaners

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